Beware of Automatic Letter Generator Software
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Beware of Automatic Letter Generator Software

If you've spent any time online looking for letter writing help you have no doubt come across software programs that "automatically generate" numerous kinds of letters.

There are two typical ways in which these software Letter Generator s work:

  1. Basic Letter Generator s

The most basic type of Letter Generator presents you with a list of letters that you can choose from. Once you choose the item that comes nearest to your need, you are letras bonitas then presented with a short unformatted "bare-bones" universal letter template with a bunch of blank fields you need to fill such as: [name], [date], [company], etc. Get ess filled in the blanks you're supposed to cut and substance that resulting text into your word processing program as your final letter.

  1. Phrase-Based Letter Generator s

The second Letter Generator model is a bit more sophisticated but still has some problems. These software programs provide you with a series of "generic phrases" for each type of letter. You then select and substance the best phrase choices into your unformatted draft letter template. What you typically end up with is a bunch of unrelated universal phrases loosely put up together. The result is an unformatted rough draft that will definitely require a serious editing job which causes the area use it.

All I can say about these products is BUYER BEWARE! Although it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, these "software Letter Generator s" are merely slightly better than the common fill-in-the-bank web templates.

Here are the difficulties with the typical automatic letter-generator software:

-- For each letter, you get to choose from a half-dozen or so, completely out of context, independent/unconnected pre-written, one-liner phrases that you have to plug into your letter as separate sentences.

-- The final software-generated-letter is a ill composed bunch of weakly-linked sentences and/or sentences that basically needs a professional editing job just to make it presentable before sending it out.

-- You do not get "in-context" mental stimulation and visual cues to help you see the final finished product, as you do with a real-life template.

-- The final letters come entirely unformatted so you then have to completely set-up and format the letter from scratch before it can be sent.

In addition, software Letter Generator s provide no guidance in the form of tips, pointers and information on the best ways to approach writing the different types of letters. (Trust me, not all letters are equal! There are some specific things you need to understand about writing some of the more complicated letters).

How do i know all of the above?

I've done my research and purchased and tested the most highly advertised software Letter Generator s on the market. In fact, actually using these products and seeing the resulting "letters" was a major bonus for me to continue developing the down-loadable fully-formatted "real-life templates" that go into all of my writing kits.

As i said, software Letter Generator s might seem like a good idea theoretically, but in my opinion they just don't do the job of a real-life template.

Bottom line: Use software-based automatic Letter Generator s at your own risk.

For an alternative to software Letter Generator s that involves fully-formatted real-life web templates that you can download into your word processor, check out the link below my name.

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